Roundwood Timber Framing

Following a 5 week placement with Ben Law’s Roundwood Timber Framing Company in 2010, I have worked on several similar round timber construction projects over the last three years. I have worked as part of large and small teams on buildings of a variety of size. I am interested in commissions and bespoke structures of any size. Please email or call me with any enquiries:


I also make Roundwood Timber Framed logsheds available to order.

Below are examples of the other projects I have been involved in.

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This is the completed Woodland Classroom I worked on in 2010. It was constructed by Ben Law's Roundwood Timber Framing Company with the help of four trainees, of which I was one...

Woodland Classroom: Interior

Woodland Classroom: Rear

Structure One at Secret Garden Party Festiva 2013l. Built with a group of friends, these structures were designed to be temporary 'chill-out' spaces...

Stucture two, an entrance archway to the stage area made with lightweight poplar poles and a brushwood roof.

...The same structure at my sisters wedding, as an entrance to the matrimonial meadow. Fresh cut shoots from my brothers garden make up the roof.

Outdoor Kitchen built by the Cherry Wood Project and a group of volunteers. Built at Jamies Farm in Wiltshire...

Constructing the kitchen roof frames on a level framing bed. Made from 4x2 beams which will later become the rafters...