Hazel Coppice Products

Coppice Products

Faggots, Stakes and Beanpoles at Hales Wood

Hazel is a traditionally coppiced species. Coppicing involves cutting tree species to the ground and allowing them to regrow from the root. This can create a woodland management system in which a yearly harvest of poles can be cut from a different section of the wood each winter. The following products are made from this harvest and are available from early spring onwards.

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See also: www.coppicedesigns.co.uk

Item Description Quantity Price
Beanpoles Small, medium, large, pointed, 5-7ft 12 £8-£10
Peasticks Brushwood fans, Small, medium, large, 3-5ft 12 £3-£5
Faggot bundles 2m x 300mm bundles of brushwood up to 50mm diameter (discount for trade quantities)   £6.00
Faggot stakes Min 50mm across top, straight, pointed, 3-5ft   £1-1.50
Hedge stakes Max 50mm across top, straight, pointed, 3-5ft 10 £6.50
Hedging benders 20-30mm thick, approx 12-16ft (also great for gypsy style ‘benders’) 20 £20.00
Hurdle uprights Straight, whole stakes, 8-12ft 40mm max, not pointed 1 £1.50
Kids shelter or nest building materials Large bundle of brushwood Bundle £5.00
Kids teepee poles Peeled willow, 5-7ft 5 £3-£5
Linen or orchard tree props Pointed ends, forked tops   £2-£3
Long net rabbit stakes Straight and pointed , 3ft x 15mm 1 £0.50
‘Live’ Willow Salix viminalis, for garden sculpture, arches, bowers etc 10 £15.00
  Poles, min 1” at butt, approx 12ft+ 20 £15.00
  Ungraded large bundles, weaving willow Bundle £15.00
Pergola poles Straight’ish poles for garden structures, 2” Diameter 1ft run £0.25
  As above with 3” Diameter 1ft run £0.35
Plant stakes For tomatoes, dahlias etc, pointed, 3 – 5ft 20 £3-£7
Spar gads Please enquire    
Straw bale stakes Pointed, 1.3m x 30/35mm approx 1 £1.00
Walking stick blanks Green, as cut (seasoned available)   £2.00
Twisted sticks Sticks with corkscrew distortions created by honeysuckle 1 £1-£10
Rustic Hazel Amazing bent and forked shapes, all you can carry bundles   £5.00
Weaving rods 20mm thick, 8-15ft 20 £15.00
Yurt poles 2m 35/40mm straight’ish   £1.00
  As above peeled to order   £2.00