My name is Jacob Lambert and this is a blog about my work as an apprentice woodsman in North Essex.

Faggots, Stakes and Beanpoles at Hales Wood

I am training in a form of woodland management known as coppicing, a traditional technique in which trees are cut to the stump and then allowed to regrow to be harvested again after a number of years. A coppiced woodland can be used to produce a regular supply of usable wood whilst supporting a sustainable ecosystem with long-term stability and high biodiversity.

Coppicing is an old technique; there is archaeological evidence of coppiced timber in use in the Somerset Levels in the 39th Century BC. As such it is connected to a number of traditional crafts which call for materials with the characteristics that this management produces. I am therefore involved with both management and craft-work; harvesting the raw materials and producing the final product.

Coppice Designs, European Woodworking Show 2011

At the moment, most of my work centres around two woods in North Essex and the hazel that is harvested from them, often with my apprenticeship mentor, Andy Basham. I am also pursuing interests in roundwood timber framing, basket making and greenwood furniture making. I also work part-time with the Small Woods Association, a national charity working to promote sustainable woodland management.

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